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Lisa from blog -Crohn & Ik- tested Stomydo's stoma shower

Recently Lisa Kouwenberg of the blog -Crohn & Ik- tested the Stomydo stoma shower. She wrote a review about this and we would like to share it with you. Read more below.

Lisa writes:

Stomydo is a company that makes devices for the daily stoma care. That's how I was allowed to try out the stoma shower they developed. In this article you can read what I think of it, my plus points and small minus points. At the end of the article you also see a picture of my naked stoma, so be warned. This article is about a product received from a company.

Stoma shower
A stoma shower is an device for the daily stoma care. Stomydo says the following about it: "With the Stomydo shower you can easily clean and care for your stoma at the sink. With the fresh feel of a shower but in a faster way than if you were taking a complete shower. With only clean tap water your stoma will be cleaned and the skin around the stoma will be stimulated by a better blood circulation. This can prevent skin problems and irritations."

First impression
When I read that, I actually got excited. I don't have the same amount of energy to take a shower every day. But now that I have a stoma I have to took a shower every day to take care of the stoma and to clean it. Even though I didn't have the energy for it anymore. If I only cleaned my stoma with gauze, I didn't really get a certain clean and hygienic feeling. So I definitely wanted to try the stoma shower.

Delivered package
The shower comes with a complete package. Of course that includes the shower, but also a storage bag, mounting kit to adjust your tap connection and a towel. There is also an instruction manual and a brochure. The service provided by Stomydo is excellent. I don't have (of course) a normal tap connection and a separate adapter had to be delivered. I can always turn to them with questions.

I find the use of the stoma shower very easy and quick. It's just a matter of attaching the stoma shower to the tap. Set the tap to the right temperature. After that I remove my stoma bag from my belly, I remove the worst stool if there is one and then I put the stoma shower against my belly. The tap turns on and I leave the stoma shower on my abdomen for a few minutes. I find it a very pleasant feeling on my skin. It's a soft ray coming out of the stoma shower. When I'm done, I disconnect the shower from the tap and let it dry for a while. After that it is easy to store in the storage bag that comes with it.

Advantages and disadvantages Plus points:
-Easy to use
-Useful for days when you don't have the energy to shower but want to feel fresh.
-A fine feeling on the skin
-Easy to store in the storage bag that comes with it
-Skin irritations such as itching become much less common
-I'm quick to finish taking care of my stoma
-Service from Stomydo is excellent and are willing to think along for solutions
-Thanks to the operating instructions and assembly kit, I was even able to adjust the tap connection for the shower with my two left hands.
-The videos on their site are also nice to watch how it works.
-I also think it would be nice to take the stoma shower with you on holiday if you have to change your stoma bag more often due to the warm weather.

-My beautiful design tap looks a little less design
-The stomashower is an expensive product that not everyone can afford. But the added value and the comfort are worthwhile in any case.
-It's still a nice size, which of course is necessary, which takes up a lot of space when it's stored. It also takes up a lot of space in your suitcase for travelling

As I think it's clear, I'm very pleased with Stomydo's stoma shower. I would certainly recommend it to people with a stoma who can afford it. I think it's worth the price in the end, because it's not a product that you use once. I will certainly be using the stoma shower often and I am curious to see if I will see skin improvement in the longer term as well. Anyway, I already notice that I have much less itching or small wounds.

Become enthusiastic too? You can buy the stoma shower here!

WARNING: Below are two pictures of my naked stoma. If you can't stand it, don't scroll any further!

"It feels nice and fresh."

"My stoma before I used the stoma shower."

"My stoma after I've used the Stomydo for two weeks."