Stomydo updates

Stoma nurse discovers the Stomydo stoma shower

Brigitte Bocken (48) has been working as a stoma nurse for over 18 years. She started at Maastricht UMC+, left this job 14 years ago due to a new challenge at a medical supply store. Together with her colleagues Brigitte is the contact person for the customers of the medical supply store after the stoma nurse of the hospital. Together with her colleagues, Brigitte ensures that the customers receive the first stoma package. Brigitte recently got to know the Stomydo Stoma shower for the first time.

"Of course I had heard about it before, but until recently I hadn't worked with it myself," Brigitte begins. "I need to nuance that. The customer uses the Stomydo himself, of course. I helped her take care of herself at first. She did the rest herself." This is a woman who has been wearing stoma for a long time (20 years). "She's been through a lot. Had very bad skin and regular leaks. We had already tried several things, but nothing really seemed to help. The lady started the test with the stoma shower and the skin problems decreased." First see, then believe".

Brigitte was initially sceptical about the Stomydo. "Yes, I want to be honest about it. In our profession this is only logical. We need to know what a product can actually do before we recommend it to our customers. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how the shower works. The blood circulation is much better, so that the skin recovers faster". The lady herself is enthusiastic about it. It still has many leaks, so we don't see any savings on the material yet. We are still looking for a solution to the leaks with the right appliance, says Brigitte.

Brigitte emphasizes that through my many years of experience and training, I now know the applicability of the products to the various problems. The Stomydo is an extension of the range of stoma devices. Especially for people with many skin problems it is an added value. Anyway, I'm very glad we could help this lady. That's why we do it in the end."