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Henriëtte: 'I was so very happy with the result'

Henriette (58), as an colo- and urostomate, was close to despair. Due to the many leaks of the urostomy, her skin was so bad that she had many painful wounds and the appliance no longer adhered properly. Henriette had already tried almost every appliance and also several pastes and creams were of no use. Homecare nurse Linne Jacobs, from the Zorgboog Homecare organisation, ended up at Henriette as an intern. When she heard the story of her client, she decided to look for other solutions herself. “Because there had to be done something”. On the internet, Linne found information about the Stomydo stoma shower.

In recent months, Henriette has been using a hydrocolloid plaster for the protection and treatment of wounds and the skin around the wounds. For a moment it seemed to go well, but because of the many leaks the nurses of the Homecare had to replace the comfeel sometimes twice a day. This resulted in severely damaged skin, a lot of pain and also the quality of life deteriorated.

Something had to be done
"It was so bad at one point that the Henriette just didn't dare to go outside anymore," explains Linne the situation. "If she was forced to do so, she would stick several sanitary napkins over her stoma. This way she could go anyway and any leakage was not immediately visible. "I was desperate", Henriette looks back. Linne searched the internet for other solutions for Henriette and ended up at Stomydo. "We tested the stoma shower free of charge for 30 days and after only a few days we saw an improvement," says Linne. "I myself, as well as my colleagues in the nursing staff, were all amazed by the result. Since we've been using the Stomydo, Henriette hasn't had a leak and the skin is healthy again."

Quality of life is back again
"In order to get an idea of what the stoma shower could do for us, we took pictures of the skin around the stoma right from the start," says Linne. "On the pictures (made on day 1, day 14 and day 30) you can clearly see an improvement. I told this success story directly to my colleagues and also shared the story within 'de Zorgboog' Homecare organisation. Everyone was enthusiastic," says Linne.

Henriette is glad that she was able to get results with the stoma shower. "I'm very happy with the device. I can do things outdoor again. The quality of life has improved. I'd recommend the stoma shower to fellow ostomates. For me it has done a lot of good things, but even if you don't have skin problems, the Stomydo shower gives a fresh and nice feeling."
Below is the skin condition of Henriette before using the stoma shower (1), after 14 days of use of the stoma shower (2) and after 30 days of use of the stoma shower (3).

At Henriette's request, we only used her first name.