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Stomydo user says: 'I can't and don't want to miss the stoma shower anymore'

Arie Noordsij (85) from Culemborg has been using the Stomydo stoma shower for over two years. Through an advertisement he discovered the existence of the stoma shower. He knew immediately; this is something for me and ordered the stoma shower via internet. He can't and won't want to miss the shower in his daily care ritual.

A few years ago, Arie was diagnosed with colon cancer. This disease gave him an ileostoma, an artificial exit from the small intestine. "In the beginning I was still bedridden. The home care team came daily to take care of my stoma. They did this with a gauze and water", Arie looks back. "Not very fresh if you ask me. Once I could walk again and go to the bathroom, I started to take care of the stoma myself. I found the ritual with water and a gauze quite a hassle. I thought to myself; there must be another way of doing this. Ostomys with an ileostoma will recognize the biggest problem: The constant flow of faeces. "During the care my stoma often kept producing. As a result, it happened more than once that I was able to start over again during the treatment. Not convenient and not hygienic."

Simply effective
Looking for a suitable solution, Arie found an advertisement of Stomydo in a trade journal. "I knew right away; this is it for me", says Arie. He was looking for even more information on the worldwide web. "I was quickly convinced that it would work well. And I found this to be a suitable solution for my problem. I was looking for something that would make it easy for me to clean the stoma, for something that was hygienic and would offer me the necessary ease of use. In addition, I had no problems with my peristomal skin at the time and I wanted to keep it that way."

Two stoma showers
Arie now uses the stoma shower twice a day. "In the morning and in the evening I take care of the stoma with the stoma shower. I always do it at my leisure. My skin is still flawless and I like it very much that I can take care of myself without having to worry that my stoma will start to produce. I recently even ordered a second one. I would like to have a spare set and it is always nice to have a trip ready when I go away for a weekend. I'm really very attached to the tool, and I advertise it a lot. An acquaintance in the area, for example, I have also advised to buy a stoma shower. I also informed my nurse about the stoma shower, but to my great surprise (and also disappointment) she didn't immediately find the device effective for a ostomate
I absolutely disagree. I'm just very satisfied with it and I'm grateful that, thanks to the stoma shower, I'm 100% sure again. I can recommend it to everyone."

The interviewee did not want to be recognizable in the picture. That's why a stock photo of Stomydo was chosen.