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Wieke Kotten: 'People are shocked when I say I have a stoma'

Wieke Kotten (31) received an ileostomy six years ago. She has Crohn's disease. The inflammation in her bowel no longer responded to medication. Lieke had to undergo surgery to remove her colon and the last part of the small intestine. "One day I'll give life an 1, the next day a 10."

As with many ostomates, there is a life before and after the placement of a stoma. "I had to go to the toilet a lot when I was eating a normal diet," says Wieke. "The food led to cramps and the run to the toilet, so I ate as little as possible. I was tired the whole time. I was almost too tired for the housework. I went from hospital to hospital because my illness never really got into remission."

Eat and enjoy
Wieke got her stoma in 2012. Of course it was a very hard time, but in the end Wieke also got more security. "Now it's easier for me to walk out the door without having to think," says Wieke. "It's not about where the toilet is anymore." The cramps and abdominal pain are also much lower. I can eat a lot more and enjoy it! One day I give life a 1 and the next day a 10. Life is not constant, neither is quality. So I couldn't call it average."

Influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram
Wieke has set up his own Instagram account under the name Ileostomy_crohn_princess. Almost every day she presents a picture of herself, her dogs and her activities on it. In many pictures Wieke shows her appliance. "I thought it would be nice to be able to help people, but also to take away the stigma of a stoma. People are shocked when I tell them I have a stoma. Apparently, they don't expect that from a young girl who looks healthy. I wanted to show that a stoma can change/improve or save the lives of young and old." The Instagram account has thousands of followers. Wieke gets a lot of good feedback from people who are in the same situation as them.

Satisfied with the Stomydo
Wieke has also recently started with the Stomydo Stoma shower. "I had seen it regularly on Facebook. When I received the stoma shower, I was pleasantly surprised," says Wieke. "The device looks professional and beautifully crafted. It is pleasant to use and gives a pleasant feeling. I don't see much change in my skin, but it was still in good condition." Wieke has psoriasis in several parts of her body, even under the appliance. Luckily, it's easy to treat. "If I could give the stomydo a note, it would be an 8. I would certainly recommend it to people, but I think that depends on the situation they are in. If you have just had a stoma, have skin problems or are in the process of healing, I definitely recommend it to you".

(Photo Wieke Kotten - Instagram ileostomy_crohn_princess)