Stomydo user says: 'I can't and don't want to miss the stoma shower anymore'

Arie Noordsij (85) from Culemborg has been using the Stomydo stoma shower for over two years. Through an advertisement he discovered the existence of the stoma shower. He knew immediately; this is something for me and ordered the stoma shower via internet. He…
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Henriëtte: 'I was so very happy with the result'

Henriette (58), as an colo- and urostomate, was close to despair. Due to the many leaks of the urostomy, her skin was so bad that she had many painful wounds and the appliance no longer adhered properly. Henriette had already tried almost every appliance and…
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Stoma nurse discovers the Stomydo stoma shower

Brigitte Bocken (48) has been working as a stoma nurse for over 18 years. She started at Maastricht UMC+, left this job 14 years ago due to a new challenge at a medical supply store. Together with her colleagues Brigitte is the contact person for the…
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Wieke Kotten: 'People are shocked when I say I have a stoma'

Wieke Kotten (31) received an ileostomy six years ago. She has Crohn's disease. The inflammation in her bowel no longer responded to medication. Lieke had to undergo surgery to remove her colon and the last part of the small intestine. "One day I'll give…
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Lisa from blog -Crohn & Ik- tested Stomydo's stoma shower

Recently Lisa Kouwenberg of the blog -Crohn & Ik- tested the Stomydo stoma shower. She wrote a review about this and we would like to share it with you. Read more below. Lisa writes: Stomydo is a company that makes devices for the daily stoma care. That's…
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