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Stomydo® belongs in any ostomate’s bathroom. Order your stoma shower and adhesive heater here!

Your stoma and peristomal skin deserve the best care. Not only does it make you more comfortable, it also ensures better hygiene and skin. Better skin leads to fewer leakages, and fewer leakages mean better… skin!

Our ostomy shower and wafer heater ensure effortless refreshment, whenever you want or need to. In the comfort of your own home, at your own sink, without having to undress completely. Have some time to spare? Take a moment of me-time and enjoy the massaging jet, relaxing the surrounding skin of your stoma and making it supple again.

In our webshop you will find the Stomydo ostomy shower and the wafer heater, as well as a combination deal consisting of both products. More information is included in the product pages, and you can order them by placing them in your shopping cart. 

If you find it difficult to order products in our webshop, you can of course also order them by phone: 0031-77-3031 540 or you can send an e-mail to