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Stomydo® ostomy shower


The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a handy, user-friendly device that takes care of a quick but thorough freshening up of your stoma. Stomydo® can be connected to any tap, so that you can use it anywhere. After regulating the temperature to your liking, Stomydo® rinses the ostomy and washes away all the filth, leaving you with a sanitary and fresh feeling.

Take care of your ostomy quick and easy with Stomydo®. Within no-time, you give yourself a fresh and hygienic feeling, and prevent or cure numerous stoma problems such as skin irritation and leakages.

De Stomydo® ostomy shower set includes:

  • De Stomydo® ostomy shower
  • Toolkit for adjusting your tap connection
  • Handy travel bag for storage of travelling
  • Towel

Not satisfied? Return your product within 30 days after purchase. Stomydo® ostomy shower has a five year guarantee.