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Stomydo® Wafer Heater


The Stomydo® Wafer Heater quickly and hygienically warms up your appliances to optimal body temperature. Handy to use while you are freshening up; this way you don’t have to leave the sink and just take care of everything in one go. Just push the button, and within four minutes you are ready to go!

Taking care of your stoma is extremely important. If it were up to us, this should go as smoothly and simple as possible. That is why, in addition to the handy stoma shower, we also offer this wafer heater – a handy tool that keeps your hands free during your stoma care ritual.

Just push the button

To ensure that the wafers adhere as well as possible, it is best to warm them to body temperature. However, no one has yet figured out the best way to do this. While one puts it in the microwave just briefly, the other lays or sits on it for a while. Not the most effective ways, seeing that you also give your stoma the chance to start producing again.

With the Stomydo adhesive heater you can heat the wafers while you refresh your stoma with the ostomy shower. This enables you to apply them immediately after freshening up, without having to leave your spot. Just put your wafer in, press the button and the wafer heater will do the rest. After four minutes, your wafer is ready to use. Isn’t it nice to be able to apply a pleasantly wafer on your skin after a relaxing fresh-up?

About Stomydo® Wafer Heater

The Stomydo wafer heater heats up the wafers quickly and hygienically to body temperature, at the same spot and in the same time that you are using the ostomy shower. The Stomydo wafer heat set consists of the fabric Stomydo wafer heater and a battery and charger.

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  • Fabric bag with micro heating wires
  • Dimensions: 17×16 centimeters
  • Includes rechargeable battery (7 volts) and battery charger
  • Battery switches off automatically 4 minutes after reaching a temperature of approximately 38°C.
  • A fully charged battery is good for about 20 warm-ups
  • Battery charging time approximately 1,5 hours
  • Not suitable for Convex stoma equipment
  • Fabric bag can be carefully hand-washed with a suitable detergent (for example Woolite©). Let it dry well before next use. 
  • 1-year warranty on fabric bag
  • 4-month warranty on battery and battery charger

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