Parastomal hernia

Freshening up with a parastomal hernia

A parastomal hernia causes a bumpy skin with skin folds around the ostomy, which can be a bit challenging when taking care of your stoma.

Illustration parastomal hernia Stomydo ostomy shower

Stoma leakages with a parastomal hernia

Because of the skin folds and bumps, it can be tricky to attach the appliances correctly. Taking care of your stoma will be harder than usual, and stoma leakages will be inevitable.

After a leakage, you’d be happy to take care of your stoma as quickly as possible. Stomydo® cleans the skin in a thorough but pleasant way. It only takes a few minutes, so even at the most inconvenient moment a quick refreshing is within reach.

Stomydo® can be connected to any tap

Quick freshening up, always within reach

Stomydo’s handy ostomy shower can be connected to any tap and can easily be used at any sink. You only have to place the shower on your stomach, so there’s no need to undress completely – ideal for a quick freshening up. Stomydo® comes with a handy travel bag, so you can bring it with you on all your travels. Always within reach, so no more reason to worry!

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a user-friendly, handy device that ensures a quick but thorough cleaning. Just connect the ostomy shower to your tap and put the transparent cap over your stoma. Take care of your ostomy at your own sink, without the hassle of undressing yourself completely. Using Stomydo® only takes a few minutes. A good opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time!

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