Ostomy problems

Ostomy problem relief

A clean and healthy peristomal skin, that was the solution Peter was looking for when tackling the problem of his friend’s ostomy leakages. But then it turned out that Stomydo® also had a positive effect on the quality of the skin and solve problems such a skin irritation and other ostomy problems. Even better!

Illustration skin irritation Stomydo ostomy shower

Less skin irritation, itching and allergies

Stomydo® ensures a healthy skin where bumps and scabs get no chance. A clean and pleasant feeling!

Illustration ostomy leakage Stomydo ostomy shower

Less ostomy leakages

A clear skin and appliances that stick well avoid ostomy leakages. Go out and about without worries!

Illustration stoma fistula Stomydo ostomy shower

Stoma fistula care

A simple solution for the unsanitary inconveniences caused by stoma fistula

Illustration retraction Stomydo ostomy shower

Less chance of a retraction

Stomydo® ensures a firm and smooth skin, and reduces the chance of a retraction, and with that, ostomy leakages.

Illustration stoma reversal Stomydo ostomy shower

Stoma reversal

Good hygiene ensures a good recovery after stoma reversal surgery.

Illustration granuloma Stomydo ostomy shower

Granuloma and fibroma

Stomydo® also cleans the sensitive spots that are difficult to reach, without damaging or hurting the skin.

Illustration parastomal hernia Stomydo ostomy shower

Parastomal hernia

A quick freshening up when appliances don’t stick well due to bumps causes by a parastomal hernia or skin folds.

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a handy, user-friendly device that takes care of a quick but thorough freshening up of your stoma. Stomydo® can be connected to any tap, so that you can use it anywhere. After regulating the temperature to your liking, Stomydo® rinses the ostomy and washes away all the filth, leaving you with a sanitary and fresh feeling.

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