Less materials

Better hygiene, less materials

Because Stomydo® only needs water, you can put away all the pastes, creams, powders, cloths and gauzes. Less materials, and less hassle!

Illustration less materials Stomydo ostomy shower

Just add water

Turns out that when the quality of the skin is better, stoma cleaning products are not needed anymore. By using the pleasant and massaging jet of the ostomy shower, you can take care of your stoma and wash away all the filth in a relaxing manner. Remaining sticky residue can be easily wiped away without using any extra materials such as medical gauzes. Just add water!

Stomydo® can be connected to any tap

Less ostomy leakages

Stomydo’s massaging jet also ensures a better blood flow, which results in a healthy and smooth skin. Appliances stick better and the ostomy bag will stay in place, which reduces the chance of ostomy leakages significantly. Next to reduction of material use, that’s the biggest win!

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a handy, user-friendly device that takes care of a quick but thorough freshening up of your stoma. Stomydo® can be connected to any tap, so that you can use it anywhere. After regulating the temperature to your liking, Stomydo® rinses the ostomy and washes away all the filth, leaving you with a sanitary and fresh feeling.

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What else can Stomydo® do for you?

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Better hygiene

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