Ton’s experience

Ton’s experience

Ton’s experience

“For four weeks, I have used Stomydo® for about ten minutes every day. I feel that my skin has improved a lot, and I use less materials such as creams and DuoDerm bandages. And the best part: in the four weeks that I used Stomydo®, I had just one leakage. I’m very happy about this ostomy shower!”


What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a user-friendly, handy device that ensures a quick but thorough cleaning. Just connect the ostomy shower to your tap and put the transparent cap over your stoma. Take care of your ostomy at your own sink, without the hassle of undressing yourself completely. Using Stomydo® only takes a few minutes. A good opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time!

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