Roland’s experience

Roland’s experience

Roland's experience

It was early 2015 when Roland consulted his doctor due to severe stomach aches. Although they couldn’t find a direct cause, it was clear something was completely wrong. Roland’s large intestine and rectum were removes and replaced by a stoma.

After the surgery, Roland felt much better. He got used to his stoma very quickly and all his medical complaints disappeared. But even though he didn’t experience any stoma problems or inconveniences such as irritated skin, Stomydo® got his attention when a colleague told him about it. So much so that he decided to try it himself.

Great feeling

 After using Stomydo® for the first time, Roland was not only very happy with the results, he also enjoyed the pleasant massaging stream of the ostomy shower very much. “I use it every night, after taking a shower”, says Roland. “It feels so good that I keep it running for about 5 minutes.” Next to the relaxing feeling, Roland discovered some more benefits. “I can now easily wipe away all the sticky residue. Before I had to clean it off with all kinds of cloths and gauzes, which didn’t really do the trick. Because of that, the remaining residue began to mold eventually, which in turn caused skin irritation and itching.”

Carefree at work 

As a painter, Roland has to squeeze into all kinds of bends at work every day; one moment he is working flat on the ground, the other moment he is painting a ceiling. This requires a great deal of flexibility of his body and peristomal skin, so in this case it’s extra important that appliances adhere well to the skin. “As I see it, the appliances and glue stick better because the skin is nice and warm after using Stomydo®. Because of that, I barely get any leakages.”

All in all, Roland is a very satisfied Stomydo® user. “No matter how dusty and sweaty I come back from work, my ostomy shower cleans it all. A great, fresh feeling at the end of the day!”

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a user-friendly, handy device that ensures a quick but thorough cleaning. Just connect the ostomy shower to your tap and put the transparent cap over your stoma. Take care of your ostomy at your own sink, without the hassle of undressing yourself completely. Using Stomydo® only takes a few minutes. A good opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time!

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