Arie’s experience

Arie’s experience

Arie’s (85) experience

A few year ago, Arie was diagnosed with colon cancer. As a result, he was left with an ileostomy, which is an artificial outlet of the small intestine. “In the beginning I wasn’t able to get out of bed, so home care had to look after my stoma. They only used water and some gauzes, not really sanitary if you ask me,” says Arie. “Once I was able to make my way to the bathroom again, I started taking care of it myself. I always thought it was a big hassle, using those gauzes, and I wondered if there would be another way.”

Ostomates with of an ileostomy will probably recognize the problem – the continuous flow of discharge. “When taking care of my stoma, it often kept producing. And if that happens, you can start all over again. Very unpractical and, above all, very unsanitary.”

Simple and effective

When searching for a solution to his problem, Arie came across Stomydos ad in a trade magazine. “I immediately knew this would be perfect for me”, says Arie. He did some research on the internet and was soon convinced of its workability. “i was looking for something user-friendly that would help me keep my ostomy clean and sanitary. Besides that, I still had a healthy peristomal skin, and I wanted to keep it that way.”

Two stoma showers

Now, Arie uses the ostomy shower twice a day. “I always take care of my ostomy in the morning and evening, taking all the time I need. My skin is still in perfect condition, and I’m happy with the fact that I can freshen up without worrying about the sudden production of my stoma. I actually ordered a second stoma shower a little while ago, to have a spare one just in case, or for travelling. I’m very attached to my Stomydo®, and everyone how much I love it. A lot of people share my enthusiasm, but I also came across people who think little of the device. My ostomy nurse, for example, she didn’t think the stoma shower had any direct effect on the ostomy. I strongly disagree with her, but in the end I’m just happy and thankful that Stomydo® gives me 100% security again. I recommend it to everyone!

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a user-friendly, handy device that ensures a quick but thorough cleaning. Just connect the ostomy shower to your tap and put the transparent cap over your stoma. Take care of your ostomy at your own sink, without the hassle of undressing yourself completely. Using Stomydo® only takes a few minutes. A good opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time!

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