The stoma shower is now part of
my daily hygiene
Stomydo is a real solution

Stomydo gives you a fresh, clean
feeling every time, and is
much more convenient…
…it’s really great!

It’s amazing that no one came
up with this idea before...
Stomydo is a real solution

The Stomydo is designed with the ostomate in mind

Clever product – practical packaging – suitable for use anywhere

The Stomydo shower head with regulated flow operates according to a special procedure. The shower jets spray primarily around the stoma and are directed onto the surrounding skin. After all, this is where you need the most care. This not only stimulates the circulation, resulting in healthy skin, but also removes adhesive residue and helps prevent skin irritation. After using the stoma shower, just dab the skin dry and you’re ready to go.


The stoma shower consists of the following components:

  1. Transparent cover
  2. Shower head
  3. Silicone sealing ring
  4. Water supply hose
  5. Tap connector
  6. Drain hose

Material selection, design and ergonomics were important starting points for the development of the Stomydo

Operation of the Stomydo is both efficient and simple: a transparent cover with a separate shower head is placed on the area around the stoma with the sealing ring on the stomach. The shower head diameter is based on the dimensions of the appliances that are used. The water supply hose is easy to connect securely to the tap and the drain hose is then placed in the sink or toilet.

At the same time as cleaning - which only takes a few minutes - the new appliance can be pre-heated in a specially designed heating device: the wafer heater brings the appliance to exactly the right temperature in just four minutes! This means you no longer have to warm the appliance with a hair dryer or rubbing between your hands.