Stomydo gives you a fresh, clean
feeling every time, and is
much more convenient…
…it’s really great!

It’s amazing that no one came
up with this idea before...
Stomydo is a real solution

The stoma shower is now part of
my daily hygiene
Stomydo is a real solution

The ostomates quality of life is really improved

Developed based on practice for and by ostomates.

The ostomate has played an important role in the entire development process of the Stomydo. The very first prototype was developed as a solution to an obvious problem: Why does it have to be so difficult to change the appliance, and could this be much easier? Why is there no product available for quickly cleaning the skin during daily care or in the event of a leak?

Revolutionary development

Based on these questions, the research team came up with an idea. Although many useful products were available on the market, ranging from creams to irrigation material, the team found very little for daily hygiene – especially for cleaning the skin around the stoma itself. And this is exactly where the Stomydo has revolutionised daily ostomy care.

Quality of life

Simplicity was the starting point for the long development process: simple application and user friendly. With quality of life as the ultimate goal: optimum ostomy care in a simple operation. So you can enjoy life with confidence and a fresh feeling. The Stomydo makes this possible and gives you certainty. At long last.