Stomydo gives you a fresh, clean
feeling every time, and is
much more convenient…
…it’s really great!

The stoma shower is now part of
my daily hygiene
Stomydo is a real solution

It’s amazing that no one came
up with this idea before...
Stomydo is a real solution

Stomydo gives you a comfortable, hygienic feeling

You are assured of optimum care with a single product

You can finally live carefree with your ostomy. A new and effective care product has been developed together with ostomates: the Stomydo, a handy shower so you can clean and care for your ostomy and the surrounding skin quickly and easily.

And there are even more benefits.

Such as dissolving the remaining adhesive residue on your skin. In the past you had to remove this residue manually with gauze pads and wipes, which often irritated the skin around your ostomy. With the Stomydo, this is now a thing of the past. The shower not only cleans the skin around the stoma, but also removes adhesive residue. So you can get on with your day feeling fresh and clean.

More advantages

Another important advantage of the stoma shower is that it gently stimulates the skin around the ostomy. The massaging water jet improves blood circulation in the skin, preventing irritation, wounds and itching. The Stomydo ensures that this vital piece of skin for the ostomates stays in perfect condition.

Patented product

The product’s unique features include a flexible seal on the skin and a special cleaning method – the water jets spray around the ostomy. The presentation of the Stomydo at various stoma clinics – following an intensive test phase by a group of ostomates – led to many enthusiastic reactions.