Need & History

Many discoveries result from an unfulfilled need – and this was the case with the Stomydo. In August 2005, Jan Dorssers, a good friend of Peter Cox, the owner of Stomydo, approached him with a request: could he develop something that would enable him to care for his ostomy quickly and effectively? After contacting various specialists and nurses and searching on the internet, he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

Surely there had to be a solution somewhere

It really annoyed Jan that after a leak, he had to completely undress and stand in the shower to clean his ostomy. This was awkward, time-consuming and very undesirable. “It must be possible to do this faster and easier,” he thought. “And preferably at the bathroom sink. So you can quickly replace your appliance just before going to sleep and get into bed feeling clean and fresh.”

Tests and developments

A few months later, in the spring of 2006, Jan passed away. With the loss of this source of inspiration, the drive to find a solution to this ostomy problem also disappeared. But Peter Cox kept on thinking about this idea for the past nine years. In 2013, various tests and developments led to a prototype that was then perfected further.

Additional benefits

This development process was comprehensive and also led to unexpected and additional medical benefits from the stoma shower. During initial tests by ostomates, it was found that when cleaning with lukewarm water, the adhesive residues also dissolved easily.

Improved circulation

In addition, the targeted water jet from the Stomydo stimulated the skin around the ostomy. This resulted in improved blood circulation with healthy and softer skin, and this aspect was developed further in cooperation with ostomates and nurses.

A world of difference

The Stomydo is now patented and available on the market. The shower will make a world of difference for ostomates worldwide. It originated from Jan's determination that ostomy care ‘should be a lot easier...’.

The Stomydo team: Geert, Peter, Roel, Theo, Ans and Sandra