About Stomydo

About Stomydo®

Jan Dorssers, ostomate and good friend of Peter, was greatly annoyed by the all the hassle caused by stoma leakages. Getting undressed, stepping into the shower, drying off; so much unnecessary time and energy. Why was there no other way to deal with this?

Peter Cox is founder of Stomydo®

Source of inspiration

He wondered if his technical friend Peter wouldn’t be able to think of some nifty device that could help him. Peter did indeed find many handy stoma tools, but none of them kept the ostomy and surrounding skin clean.

Unfortunately, Jan passed away a few months later, but nonetheless, Peter remained inspired by Jan’s question. Because even though it seemed a simple question, the answer was nowhere to be found. The internet, specialists or even ostomy nurses were not able to help him. So that left Peter with one remaining option: invent something himself.

First prototype

In 2014, the first Stomydo® prototype appeared. A few years more of perfectioning resulted in a device that was not only able to freshen up the ostomy, it’s original objective, but also to improve the quality of the skin. This was caused by the patented massaging jet, which improves the blood flow of the skin. Because of that, the skin gets smooth and soft, which has many benefits. The skin stays clean, appliances attach better and the chance of getting a leakage gets significantly smaller.

Een schoon en fris gevoel door de stomydo

A fresh feeling for everyone

Now, Stomydo® is patented and on the market. Although Jan isn’t here to see it, his hunch about a tool that would solve his stoma problems was right. Stomydo® makes a difference for people all over the world, giving them the fresh and sanitary feeling they deserve. Mission accomplished!

"We have worked for about 10 years on the prototype and the final product, the Stomydo. And with results, because the Stomydo is really effective. I have already received many enthusiastic reactions from clients whose hygiene and comfort have improved enormously. I thoroughly enjoy this, because that is of course what it is all about."

Information & Ordering

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