Give your stoma the care it deserves with the Stomydo® ostomy shower and wafer heater

Wearing a stoma might cause difficulties that disrupt daily life at the most inconvenient moments. For example: 

• Ostomy leakage and unpleasant odors
• An irritated and itchy skin that makes you want to scratch constantly
• A damaged skin that always requires extra care

By treating your skin with Stomydo, you keep your skin supple and clean. This way, problems such as ostomy leakage and irritated skin can be avoided. You can keep all your cleaning tools and products in your cupboard and you can go out and about with a fresh and confident feeling!

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Stomydo ostomy shower product photo

Stomydo® ostomy shower

The Stomydo® ostomy shower takes care of your stoma by freshening up and avoiding (or solving) many well-known stoma problems.

Stomydo Wafer Heater product photo

Stomydo® Wafer Heater

While you are taking care of your ostomy, the Stomydo® Wafer Heater makes sure your bag ore flange gets to the perfect temperature, ready to use. Just push the button!

What does Stomydo® do?

The Stomydo® ostomy shower is a user-friendly, handy device that ensures a quick but thorough cleaning. Just connect the ostomy shower to your tap and put the transparent cap over your stoma. Take care of your ostomy at your own sink, without the hassle of undressing yourself completely. Using Stomydo® only takes a few minutes. A good opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time!

Peter Cox is founder of Stomydo®

About Stomydo®

It was August 2005 when Jan Dorssers asked his good friend Peter Cox, founder of Stomydo®, if he could think of something that would rid him of all those wretched ostomy leakages. It took Peter nine years of testing and developing before he released his first prototype. And guess what? His invention did not only improve the ostomates hygiene, it also has great effect on the quality of the skin.

"The cheerful and life changing reactions prove that the Stomydo works. That is the most important thing for me!"


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