Stomydo gives you a fresh, clean
feeling every time, and is
much more convenient…
…it’s really great!

It’s amazing that no one came
up with this idea before...
Stomydo is a real solution

The stoma shower is now part of
my daily hygiene
Stomydo is a real solution

This is what the stoma shower can mean for you every day:

Stomydo gives you a comfortable, hygienic feeling

You can finally live carefree with your ostomy. A new and effective care product has been developed together with ostomates: the Stomydo, a handy shower so you can clean and care for your ostomy and the surrounding skin quickly and easily.
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Stomydo improves your Quality of life

Simplicity was the starting point for the long development process: simple application and user friendly. With quality of life as the ultimate goal: optimum ostomy care in a simple operation. So you can enjoy life with confidence and a fresh feeling.
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Developed for and by ostomates

The ostomate has played an important role in the entire development process of the Stomydo. The very first prototype was developed as a solution to an obvious problem: Why does it have to be so difficult to change the appliance, and could this be much easier?
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